Sydney Family Law Under Act of 1975

There are many reasons for wanting a lawyer in Sydney. Family law is an area of law that benefits from a specialist legal eagle. More often than not this is an area that includes the well-being of minor children. If a marriage or relationship breaks down then all the individuals concerned would benefit from the services of a legal expert. This becomes even more necessary if the parents cannot come to an amicable agreement. The family law is built around the understanding that the rights and well-being of the children are paramount. It is also enshrined in family law that it is the right of all children to receive the care and love of both parents.

There can be no doubt that this is a branch of law that takes a great deal of understanding and also empathy and compassion. Sydney family law falls under the Commonwealth family law. This in turn is made up of the Family Law Act of 1975, Family Law Regulations of 1984 and Marriage Act of 1961. Since 1986 the states of Australia came to an agreement that the rights and well-being of children would also be dealt with beneath this legislation. The only state that declined to follow this recommendation was Western Australia. This region of Australia has its own family court. Family court matters in Sydney would include property issues, maintenance, residence, child support, marriages, contact and divorces.

The Family Court has made every effort to make the proceedings as child friendly as possible and this includes Sydney. The law is presented in court in a more informal manner than other court hearings. The legal language has been changed so as not to refer to the ownership of children. It is the objective of this court to preserve the relationship between children and both parents. This is not always easy to do and the assistance of a lawyer who can handle the dynamics of what is a trying situation and also provides the best legal information of Sydney law for the family is essential. Such an experienced legal expert can guide both parents and children through the process as well as inform them of any other assistance available to them.

The greatest advantage of acquiring the services of a Sydney family law expert is that an agreement can be reached without a court hearing. There are many options available to finding a resolution to disputes. For this reason family dispute resolution is a requirement before application for parenting order. Legal counsel will make the procedure smoother and easier for the family concerned.