Healing Through Christian Family Counseling

Loving families encounter problems, but dealing with them head on makes them healthy families. Seeking counsel is a positive step toward resolution and happiness. The type of counseling chosen often depends on individuals' belief structure. There are differences in secular family counseling and Christian family counseling. The main difference is; one offers a biblical approach to problems, and the other, a clinically-focused method. While both utilize some common counseling techniques, but the biblical reference offers conflict resolution based on absolute theories through the Bible.

Dealing with depression, anxiety, financial difficulties, martial problems, child related issues or addictions, can be overwhelming. A counselor can assist families or individuals cope with various situations. It is difficult to reach out to someone for help. The inner-workings of our lives are very personal, and often we do not want friends or family to know we are seeing a counselor. However, because of the sensitivity of these professionals, confidentiality is of utmost importance.

Problems do not happen overnight, nor will the resolution. It takes time and requires change. Change is not easy, and can only occur within oneself. Our partner, child or family member may not be on board with the conflict resolution. Therefore, understanding we cannot change another person is the beginning of personal growth and healing. Learning new to coping techniques related to dealing with a difficult person or situation, creates an atmosphere of peace.

Dealing with the physical, spiritual and psychological needs of a person offers a complete healing of body, spirit and mind. A biblical approach to counseling endeavors to deepen, or bring people into a closer relationship with God. Counseling and teaching are intermingled, to help a person come to a greater understanding of the issues they face. When dealing with a tangible we become empowered to exact solutions or change.

Confiding in a counselor offers comfort while moving through the process of healing. Through genuine concern, commitment and confidentiality, Christian family counseling will help guide you to wholeness. Together, with your counselor, you can restore relationships, reclaim dreams and purpose. This results in putting hope back into broken lives. Standing on ones own and redirecting thoughts and actions can preserve the restoration you will experience.